Ferprime Wax

FerPrime Anti Rust Wax is a long lasting wax based product that prevents rust and corrosion. Providing protection to a range of metals. It dries to a clear to straw colour even waxy...Learn more

Ferprime Black

Ferprime Black Metal Primer Ferprime Black is a long-lasting water-based matt black metal primer. Designed to be used on a range of metals. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and if applied to a...Learn more

Metal Pre-Treatment

Natech Ltd are well known in the manufacturing industry for their advances in metal pre-treatment technology. Using naturally derived materials where possible, these products have always been safer for the user and the...Learn more

Water Based Rust Converter

As part of their range of products for rust control and prevention, Natech have developed a water based, brush on, reactive primer for steel. Products can be applied and left without further treatment,...Learn more

Paint Strippers

Natech Ltd have developed a range of paint removal products for trade and industry. Our products give the results you need without the problems associated with hazardous paint stripping chemicals such as methylene...Learn more

Beverage Can

Natech have designed a full range of products for cleaning and pre-treating aluminium beverage cans. Traditional Sulphuric Acid Cleaners A range of sulphuric acid based cleaners containing fully biodegradable surfactants synergistically blended to...Learn more

Cleaners & Degreasers

A range of solvent free cleaners suitable for many applications including spray, dip and parts washing.   Natech Ltd have developed a range of industrial cleaners which cover a number of applications and...Learn more

Rust Removal

Unique formulations which deliver proven results Water based and fully biodegradable products which are pH neutral, non corrosive and will not attack the underlying metal surface. Application by immersion or brush. These products...Learn more

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