How Natech is helping businesses to revolutionise remanufacture

Reuse, repair, recycle

The term ‘remanufacture’ is nothing new, we’ve been hearing about the 3 R’s for a while now as the whole world moves towards more sustainable living. Engaging in this kind of circular economy costs only a small percentage when compared to the price of a full replacement. However, refurbishments do not compromise the overall performance with warranties typically available.¬†

Here in the UK remanufacture can be traced back decades to the need to salvage and conserve valuable materials during the Second World War. It is now a multi-billion pound industry spanning many different industrial sectors. All these industries have the same goal, however, and that is to give a second life to products that would otherwise be scrapped. Not only does this preserve precious resources but it means there is much less waste to dispose of.

How we can help

From upcycling, a piece of furniture to restoring excavators and machinery people and businesses across the globe are doing their bit to combat climate change and so are we. Having built Natech around the idea of being more environmentally friendly we specialise in water-based technology. Our products are designed to suit a variety of remanufacturing needs.

Sectors Serviced

Products Supplied

  • Vehicle Restoration
  • Alloy Wheel Stripping
  • Agriculture
  • Excavation
  • Automotive Parts
  • Marine
  • Machine Tool
  • Rolling Stock
  • Wood Restoration
  • DIY Projects
  • Biostrip Immersive Paint Strippers¬†
  • Biostrip Brush On Paint Strippers
  • Multi-Purpose Degreasers
  • Professional Grade Cleaners
  • Ferprime Reactive Rust Converter
  • Ferprime Metal Primers
  • Biostrip Wood Primers
  • Ferprime Anti-Corrosion Wax
  • Rustgo Liquid Deruster
  • Lazydog Vehicle Cleaners


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