Industrial Paint Strippers

Natech Ltd has developed a range of paint removal products for trade and industry. Our industrial paint strippers give the results you need without the problems associated with hazardous chemicals such as methylene chloride and hot caustic soda.
Our revolutionary range of water-based products includes Immersion strippers for general industrial applications and Alloy wheel strippers for specialist application.
Natech Ltd owns the well-know “Biostrip” brand which it uses to sell its full range of paint strippers and other products to the home user. To find out more and purchase online please visit Fuze Products.


An immersive paint stripper for industrial paint removal offering safer alternatives to traditional methylene chloride or hot caustic paint stripping systems.
This industrial paint stripper is suitable for removing industrial coatings such as:
  • Powder coat
  • Wet paints
  • Electrophoretic paint
  • Epoxy
  • etc
This immersion paint & coating stripper is Ideal for remanufacture, restoration and refurbishment projects in all sectors including: marine, automotive, telecommunications, mining and defence.
Economical and long-lasting product.
Immersion Tanks should be made of stainless steel or High-Density Polyethylene.

Biostrip WS2

Our unique Wheel Stripping formulation is water-based and safer to use than traditional cold strippers.
Ideal for stripping paint from all wheels including magnesium wheels.

Key Benefits of Biostrip Wheel Stripper (WS2) Include:

  • Strips at temperatures from 70°c to 85°c
  • Outstanding, proven performance in bench tests against competitors’ products
  • Short strip time for many OEM primers
  • Faster strip time for polyester hybrids and varnish on recoated wheels
  • Not ADR Regulated for transport
  • Safer to use than traditional cold acid wheel strippers
  • Acid-free, safe on magnesium wheels
OEM wheels, including such manufacturers as Porsche, Mercedes and VW, have been stripped at temperatures as low as 70°C with an increase to 80°C bringing strip times down to little more than 90 minutes.

Natech WS3

Offer same-day alloy refurbishments with WS3.

Following on from the success of WS2, WS3 has been developed. A next-generation, non-flammable wheel stripping product capable of stripping many OEM brands in as little as 45 minutes.

Key Benefits of Natech Wheel Stripper (WS3) Include:

  • Strip times as low as 45 minutes on OEM primers
  • Consistent sub 2 hour strip times allow businesses the ability to offer a same day service
  • Long lifespan with no drop in performance 
  • Safer to use than traditional cold acid wheel strippers
  • Outstanding, proven performance in bench tests against competitor’s products
  • Strips paint from alloy wheels at temperatures from  70°c to 85°c
  • Maintain with product and booster additions
  • Safer and easier to clean than traditional acid-based strippers
If correctly maintained, the lifespan of  WS3 is perpetual. The tank will remain balanced as long as paint sludge is removed and booster is added daily. Strip times are consistent so same day service can be confidently offered.
Contact us directly for further information, prices and for details of our recommended equipment manufacturers alternatively, view our WS3 presentation or WS3 Case Study
NOTE:  Our Industrial Paint Strippers should NOT be blended with other products. Our formulations are unique to Natech Ltd and are not warranted as compatible with materials from other suppliers


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