AL3000 Chromate Replacement Technology

Aluminium Conversion Coating

Chromate remains the benchmark corrosion preventative aluminium pre-treatment, but hexavalent chrome is carcinogenic and known to cause irreversible damage.

It is clear to the industry that a safe alternative aluminium pre-treatment is needed. What is required is an aluminium conversion coating which offers the same performance as hexavalent chrome.

AL3000 is specifically designed for use on aluminium to replace this chromate technology.

Using advanced technology AL3000 creates a closer, stronger bond between paint and aluminium surface, it contains novel additives to promote adhesion and increase hydrophobicity

 – Resulting in fewer paint adhesion failures and superior corrosion protection

Features and Benefits

  • Provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Promotes paint adhesion
  • Non toxic – hexavalent chromate free
  • Significantly reduces water usage and waste water treatment costs
  • Reduction in energy costs

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