Rust Removal

Unique formulations which deliver proven results

Water based and fully biodegradable products which are pH neutral, non corrosive and will not attack the underlying metal surface.

Application by immersion or brush.

These products do not leave any residue and will not damage the metal surface. They use cutting edge chemical technology to create a safer alternative to harmful and corrosive acid based products.

Acid Free technology reduces the risk of secondary rust, a major problem with most traditional rust removers. 

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Reactive Primers

Transform rust into a rust free black surface.

With one simple application these water based products convert rust into a resin like film and stop further rust and corrosion from forming.

Applied directly to rust these products form a black resinous layer that resists corrosion. Designed for brush application they will give a coating thickness of around 20 to 30 microns.

Note these are reactive primers and time must be allowed for the product to react and form the black resinous layer.

Our Rust Converter can be purchased here

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