Beverage Can Cleaning & Pre-Treatment Products

Natech have designed a full range of products for cleaning and pre-treating aluminium drink cans for the beverage industry. 

Aluminium Can Cleaning Chemicals

Traditional Sulphuric Acid Cleaners

A range of sulphuric acid based cleaners containing fully biodegradable surfactants synergistically blended to give best in class cleaning. Designed for for use on aluminium drawn and ironed beverage cans and used in a spray process. This product is suitable for use before a conversion coat as long as there is adequate rinsing between stages. These aluminium can cleaning chemicals should be used with a Fluoride containing accelerator for full removal of aluminium oxides.

Fluoride based Accelerators – for removal of aluminium oxides

Fluoride based accelerators designed to accelerate the removal of aluminium oxides from drink cans. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Natech range of Sulphuric acid based beverage can cleaners. Unlike most accelerators used during the manufacture of beverage cans, our technology does not contain hydrofluoric acid or sulphuric acid.

Aluminium Can Pre-treatment Products

Aluminium Conversion Coatings for Drink Cans

Completely chromium free conversion coatings designed to be used on drawn and ironed aluminium beverage cans to enhance adhesion and corrosion protection of subsequently applied lacquers and inks. These products also offers dome stain protection during the pasteurisation of the filled can. Designed for use on aluminium beverage cans as part of a multistage pre-treatment process the products provide a true conversion coating on the aluminium surface, greatly improving the adhesion of subsequent organic coatings as well as resistance to pasteurisation staining.

Mobility Enhancers

Cutting edge polymer technology designed to offer mobility enhancement and water shedding during the final stage of the can cleaning process. In many cases this enables the can manufacturer to reduce the dry off oven temperature and offers the potential for higher speeds through subsequent processes.

Designed for use on aluminium beverage cans as part of a multistage pretreatment process. It is used in the final DI rinse stage immediately prior to the dry off oven.

Fluoride Free

Natech have recently developed a new range of products free from Hydrofluoric Acid and Ammonium Bifluoride. The process consists of a single stage cleaner and a conversion coat.

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Beverage Can Cleaning & Pre-Treatment Products
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