Paint Stripping

Natech Ltd have been supplying products into the paint stripping market since 2012, when restrictions were placed on the use of methylene chloride containing paint removal products.

A full range of paint strippers are available for a selection of applications including:

  • immersion stripping of both metal and wooden substrates
  • thickened brush on products for vertical surfaces and large items that can’t be dipped
  • artex removers
  • paint brush cleaners
  • alloy wheels
  • remanufacture, restoration and refurbishment in all sectors

Our products are suitable for a wide range of uses such as jig stripping, remanufacture of automotive or aerospace parts, removing paint from furniture and of course refurbishing damaged alloy wheels.

All of our paint strippers are water based and non acidic so there is no risk of stress fracture to metals (this can be catastrophic when stripping stress sensitive components).

Natech Ltd, with its water based strippers have enabled users to ensure that their processes are as safe as possible for themselves and the environment.

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