Product Overview

Natech Ltd specialises in the development of novel, sustainable technology that is focussed primarily on surface treatment and coatings. Its products are sold widely throughout the USA, Europe and Eurasia. Most product sales are through Natech’s distributors, with whom Natech maintains a very close relationship, providing technical support and ongoing product development to ensure the distributors maintain a leading position within their own market place.

Metal Pretreatment Technologies

Natech Ltd has developed a range of metal pretreatment products that are focussed on delivering added value to its customers, for example:

  • reduced operating costs through:

    • savings in energy and water consumption – all products operate at ambient temperature, do not require the use of DI water and are extremely resilient to bath contamination

    • reduction in volumes of effluent produced eg sludge

    • avoidance of effluent treatment costs through avoiding use of environmentally unfriendly materials such as chrome and other hazardous metals

  • Improvement in performance to levels traditionally achieved by process’s such as zinc phosphate and chrome to give:

    • class leading salt spray performance

    • excellent adhesion to organic topcoats

    • excellent performance in more stringent test regimens such as cyclic corrosion, acidic salt sprays

  • improved environmental profile through:

    • reductions in amounts of sludge and other effluent produced as part of the process,

    • avoidance of use of phosphates

    • avoidance of hazardous metals such as chrome

Product Types include (in order of increasing performance):

  • zirconium based, phosphate free pre treatments

  • phosphate free and transition metal free pre treatments

  • Layered hydroxide technology pre-treatments

  • reactive polymer containing pre-treatments and rinses

  • single stage pre treat and coat thin layer primer technologies


A range of solvent free, neutral pH cleaners suitable for many applications including spray, dip and parts washers. Alkaline and NTA free, these products do not require high temperatures. The more advanced and higher performing cleaners are based on micro emulsion technology using naturally occurring and environmentally neutral materials.

  • Neutral cleaners for critical applications such as aerospace, where it is essential to avoid any surface contamination post clean

  • Low acidity cleaners typically used prior to acidic pre-treatment stages

  • Micro emulsion cleaner technology for optimum performance when cleaning particularly dirty parts at ambient temperatures and where contaminants include things like wet paint, uncured resins etc.

Beverage Can

A full range of approved products for the beverage can industry, including low temperature cleaners, treatments, accelerators, rinse aids and wax based mobility enhancers.

This range of products also includes novel technologies such as fluoride free acidic cleaners and conversion coatings.

Natech’s range of products for re-manufacture include:

Paint Strippers

A range of paint stripping products which are water based, more environmentally friendly and less hazardous than traditional products. They are capable of performing in the toughest of applications and situations. Cutting edge formulations produce excellent results when stripping a wide range of paints from almost any type of surface.

Rust Removal and Conversion

Natech’s rust removal and rust converter products are based on natural ingredients that are safe both for the user and the environment. They are widely used in re-manufacture especially in situations where the rust and corrosion must be removed with no damage to the underlying metal surface. Products include:

  • rust remover gel & liquid

  • rust convertor primers which convert rust to inert and corrosion resistance polymer layer which avoids the need for rust removal

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