Product News


WS3 to Launch

After trialling for several months, WS3 is ready to launch. With consistently low strip times this product is ready to go. Key Benefits of WS3 Include: Strip times as low as 45 minutes...Learn more


WS3 Wheel Stripper on Trial

We are now trialling our new wheel stripper WS3. Designed to strip wheels in less than an hour –  rivalling traditional cold stripper times. Mid trial results are looking favourable as operating conditions...Learn more


Fuze Products launch wood primers and deck paints

We have recently launched a small range of wood primers and decking paints on our e-commerce platform “FUZE-Products“ Available in a range of pack sizes there should be a product to match the...Learn more


HF Free Beverage Can Technology

Ready for trial – Hydrofluoric and ammonium bifluoride free technology now available for beverage can washers. Cleaner and pre-treatment technology available. Safer than conventional technology. Stay ahead of your competitors. Contact us now...Learn more


Biostrip Wheel Stripper is now one of the leading products for water based wheel stripping

This unique formulation uses water as the main ingredient and is free form methylene chloride and hydrofluoric acid commonly found in traditional style “cold strippers”. Key Benefits Include: Strips at temperatures from  70°c...Learn more

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